Save the Colville River from Oil Drilling

Colville River | Photo by The Wilderness Society

Alaska’s Colville River, called Kuukpik in the language of the native Iñupiaq people, is one of the wildest in the country. The river’s high bluffs provide nesting habitat for an extremely high number of raptors, particularly peregrine falcons, rough-legged hawks and gyrfalcons. Numerous species of fish, including Arctic grayling, salmon and broad whitefish, find a home in this special place.

To Arctic residents, the river is an important transportation route to access subsistence resources and culturally important sites. Because of the significance of these values, the Bureau of Land Management established the Colville River Special Area more than 40 years ago.

Now the Trump Administration is proposing to remove conservation protections for the protected portions of this beautiful wild landscape, opening previously closed areas to oil and gas development.

Tell the Secretary of Interior to protect the Colville River and Teshekpuk Lake Special Areas, and the Western Arctic’s unique and fragile landscape.       



Acting Secretary
Department of the Interior