Restore and Protect the Lands and Waters of the Yakima River Basin!

Combined with floodplain restoration downstream, protection of headwater lands and streams, and smarter water use by farms and communities, the Plan will address impacts of drought and climate change in the Basin and ensure a healthy environment along with a strong recreational and agricultural economy for future generations. Please support this common-sense solution to Washington’s water supply challenges.

From high in Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, the Yakima River flows east to the desert plateau of the Columbia River, sustaining communities, farms, fish, and wildlife along the way. Many of the nation’s wine grapes, apples, cherries, hops, and pears come from the Yakima River Basin, and it’s a prime destination for recreation. Like many places in the West this year, a warm winter with a meager snowpack has led to a drought for the Yakima River Basin, which will be painful for fish, farms, and the local economy.

The Yakima Plan is a common sense approach to reducing drought impacts that will protect lands and waters, improve water quality, and restore salmon and steelhead populations that help drive a healthy economy.

Take Action

Tell your senators and representative to take a critical step toward implementing the Yakima Plan by supporting the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement III Act of 2015 (S. 1694), which authorizes and funds the first ten-year phase of the Yakima Plan.