Protect America’s Amazon

Mobile Delta at Five Rivers | Photo: Charles Seifried

Biologist E.O. Wilson once described the Mobile Bay Basin as “America’s Amazon.” The delta floodplain, forest and swamp, and the areas immediately around it have more species of plants and animals than any other place in North America. However, the State of Alabama’s failure to protect river flows is putting this area at risk.

While the vast majority of this nationally important watershed lies within Alabama’s borders, the state has failed to develop plans and policies that protect the flow of water in her rivers and streams. This is resulting in conflict between the states, the federal government and everyday water users.

Now Alabama Governor Kay Ivey and the state legislature have the opportunity to fix this situation by passing legislation that provides for sustainable water management throughout the Mobile Bay Basin. This legislation must be comprehensive and protect natural flows and include real provisions for measuring water use, including steps that the state will take in order to ensure that streams, as well as water users, are protected during future droughts and water shortages. With a truly effective water management plan, Alabama would protect the waters within its borders and be in a much better position to advocate with neighboring states for the protection of this watershed as a whole.

Take action

Tell the Alabama Legislature to pass strong protections for the flow of water necessary to sustain and protect the amazing biodiversity of the Mobile Bay Basin and the people who rely on this system.



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