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Protect the Little Pee Dee River!

Little Pee Dee River in South Carolina
Little Pee Dee River, SC | Becky Ryon

The Little Pee Dee River has meaningful ecological, cultural, and scenic value for all those connected to it, from the Indigenous communities who have long-standing cultural ties, to the many who hunt, fish, and paddle its waters. The river offers a source of connectivity through its numerous surrounding wetlands, oxbow lakes, and cypress swamps, which are not only significant to humans for protection from floods but also to the wildlife that relies on this critical habitat. 

But the river and its watershed are under threat from the exponential growth of the region, which is only projected to increase. The consequences of rapid development have already led to negative impacts for both people and nature. Continued development that fails to consider these impacts will cause the loss of significant ecosystems and cultural landscapes. A new interstate, I-73, is proposed to cross hundreds of acres of wetlands, streams, and the river itself through state-owned and protected lands in the Little Pee Dee Heritage Preserve.

With this threat looming, we must tell the South Carolina legislature to prioritize conservation of this blackwater system by denying funding for the construction of I-73 and passing legislation to protect wetlands no longer covered under the Clean Water Act, starting with Carolina bays.

** This action alert is only for South Carolina residents


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