Stop the ‘Salmon Extinction Act’

Sockeye Salmon | Kentaro Yasui

As you read this, endangered baby salmon in the Snake and Columbia rivers are attempting to make their way downstream on their way to the ocean. But a series of dams and slackwater reservoirs stands in their way.

Spilling water over the tops of the dams makes their journey a little easier. But a bill in Congress would halt this important measure, pushing the Northwest’s iconic salmon closer to extinction.

H.R. 3144, would not only prevent emergency salmon-saving measures, it would weaken the Endangered Species Act and prevent further study of longer-term salmon-saving solutions, including removal of the four dams on the lower Snake River.

H.R. 3144 takes us in the wrong direction. Speak up against this bill so we can enjoy a future of healthy rivers and abundant salmon for generations to come.