American Rivers
American Rivers

World’s largest congregation of bald eagles threatened by proposed mining on Alaska’s Chilkat and Klehini Rivers

Chilkat River | Photo by Andy Hedden

The Chilkat and Klehini rivers are critical wildlife habitat and sustain the current and ancestral homelands to the Chilkat Tlingit and the people of Haines, Alaska. The proposed Palmer Project, a copper/zinc mine, will seriously impact the rivers of the Chilkat Valley, crippling the entire ecosystem.

The Klehini River is a main tributary to the Chilkat River, and together they flow through the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, where the world’s largest congregation of eagles takes place every year. The Chilkat watershed also supports five species of wild salmon and a large brown bear population.

Please join us in urging Congress to direct the EPA to intercede immediately and require the mining consortium to apply for a standard wastewater discharge permit that will require meeting all applicable state and federal Water Quality Standards.


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