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American Rivers

Protect Our Lehigh River from Poorly Planned Warehouse Development

Lehigh River | Photo by Tom Storm

The Lehigh River, flowing out of the Appalachian Mountains and through the densely populated Lehigh Valley region, is the “backyard river” for half a million people, and the keystone to Northeastern Pennsylvania's outdoor recreation industry. The areas that surround the river offer outdoor gathering spaces and accessible recreation opportunities for folks throughout the watershed, but especially in the cities of Allentown, Easton, and Bethlehem. But as the region becomes the logistics hub of the eastern seaboard, with over four square miles of warehouses and distribution centers built to date, the river’s health is at risk. Unless decision makers act to improve protections for local waterways, the area’s clean water and wildlife habitat could suffer irreversible harm. 

Please join us in urging Pennsylvania legislators to protect the Lehigh River from poorly planned warehouse development by passing the Riparian Buffer Protection Act.  


**This action is only for residents of Pennsylvania.

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