Defend the Clean Water Act

Big Sunflower River at sunset. | Stephen Kirkpatrick

Members of Congress are pushing to eliminate longstanding protections provided by the Clean Water Act by resurrecting one of the most environmentally damaging projects proposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. If allowed to advance, it would be the first Environmental Protection Agency veto ever overturned by Congress, setting a dangerous precedent for overriding this and other critical authorities of the Clean Water Act.

The project Congress is pushing forward is the Yazoo Pumps Project in Mississippi that will drain and destroy more than 200,000 acres of wetlands in the Big Sunflower River watershed in the heart of the Mississippi River Flyway. More than 450 species of fish and wildlife, including the Louisiana black bear, rely on the wetlands habitat that would be drained by the project. For these reasons, President George W. Bush’s Environmental Protection Agency vetoed the project under the Clean Water Act in 2008.

Please tell your Members of Congress to protect the Clean Water Act veto authority and abandon efforts to resurrect the antiquated, wasteful and devastating Yazoo Pumps.