Restore the Mississippi River Gorge

Mississippi River Gorge LASF Lock and Dam | Photo: Olivia Dorothy

We are at risk of missing an opportunity to restore part of an untamed Mississippi River and bring back fish and wildlife that were exiled a century ago.

The Mississippi River in the Gorge below Saint Anthony Falls was once swift capstone rock and gravel rapids that ran through Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. The rapids— one of four that no longer exist on the Upper Mississippi River— offered unique habitat for many species. Dams have turned the rapids into reservoirs. Now that commercial barge traffic through the Gorge has ended, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating the dams and will make a recommendation to Congress on their fate.

The study will provide a rare opportunity to influence the future of the Mississippi River Gorge. If the Army Corps decides to keep the dams in place, we risk seeing the continued decline of aquatic habitat in the Gorge for a generation or more.

Dam removal and rapids restoration would benefit threatened species and create new recreational and economic opportunities in the Twin Cities.

Join us in asking the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to recommend dam removal and river restoration in the Mississippi River Gorge.



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers