Support salmon, justice and clean energy in the Pacific Northwest

Snake River | Photo by Carl Zoch

Salmon are the spiritual and cultural icon of the Pacific Northwest and a critical component of the Northwest’s economy. Unfortunately, Snake River salmon runs, once the most prolific in the entire Columbia River Basin, are now at the brink of extinction. The loss of salmon is sending a shockwave through the web of life, especially the critically endangered, salmon-loving, Southern Resident killer whales. Loss of salmon is also an existential threat to Northwest Indigenous tribes who depend on salmon for their cultures and identities.

Scientists say that removing four federal dams on the lower Snake River in eastern Washington must be part of any plan to recover Snake River salmon. Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID) has proposed a $33.5 billion framework to remove the four dams and replace their benefits, recover salmon, and revitalize the region’s infrastructure and economy.

The choice is clear. We can either choose the status quo— which looks like salmon extinction, increasing energy insecurity, broken commitments to Indigenous tribes and the loss of a multi-million dollar natural economic resource— or we can choose a comprehensive solution that invests in a future of abundance and prosperity with the biggest river restoration effort the world has ever seen.

Please ask your Member of Congress to build on Congressman Simpson’s proposal and advance a solution that brings back salmon, honors treaties and commitment to the tribes, invests in clean energy and agriculture and strengthens the economy of the Pacific Northwest. Ask them to include this solution in President Biden’s national infrastructure legislation.

Our salmon and communities cannot wait any longer. The cost of inaction is too great. The time for leadership and the time for action is now.

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