Stop Factory Farm Pollution on the Raccoon River!

Raccoon River | Photo by Garrett Hall

Iowa is in the midst of a water crisis. Nearly 600 rivers and streams are contaminated, impacting hundreds of thousands of Iowans. In particular, the Raccoon River has been polluted to such an extent that Des Moines Water Works, Iowa’s largest water utility, must rely on one of the world’s largest nitrate removal systems in order to provide clean drinking water to over half a million people in the capital city.

For too long, our right to clean water has been ignored in favor of allowing industrial agricultural interests to continue growing their profits. More than 750 factory farms exist within the Raccoon River watershed. The thousands of confined animals within those factory farms create billions of gallons of manure each year. This waste is then spread to excess on acre after acre of Iowa’s cropland where it runs off into our waterways, exacerbating our water quality crisis, fueling the growth of toxic algal blooms, and eliminating recreational opportunities for people living in Iowa.

Enough is enough! Iowans’ rights, health, and well-being must come before the interests of multi-billion dollar corporate agribusiness interests. We cannot continue to sacrifice our quality of life so a few industry fat cats can profit.

It’s time for the agencies designed to protect us to do their jobs. Join us in demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency take action to reduce the harms the factory farm industry has incurred on the Raccoon River and all of Iowa’s waterways! Please urge the EPA Region 7 leadership to study the impact of factory farms in the Raccoon River basin, increase inspections and enforcement actions, and implement the Clean Water Act against factory farm polluters.

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