Be a Part of the Solution

Snake River | Photo by Alison Meyer Photography

Congressman Mike Simpson (R-ID), has outlined a plan to revitalize the rivers and economy of the Pacific Northwest. The $33.5 billion package of infrastructure investments would advance salmon recovery, clean energy, agriculture and economic opportunity regionwide, and honor treaties and responsibilities to Northwest tribes. The proposal’s river investments include:

  • Restoring the lower Snake River in southeast Washington through the removal of four federal dams
  • Water quality improvements in the Columbia Basin, Puget Sound, and Washington and Oregon coasts
  • Restoration of salmon in currently blocked areas in the upper Columbia and upper Snake rivers
  • Funding for the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan
  • Incentives to remove select fish-blocking dams in the Columbia Basin
  • Increasing tourism and recreation opportunities

American Rivers is committed to working with Congressman Simpson and the entire Northwest congressional delegation to make this package as beneficial as it can be for our rivers and communities. Congressman Simpson’s fresh thinking and comprehensive approach builds on a legacy of collaboration in the region.

As Congressman Simpson says,

“The question I am asking the Northwest delegation, governors, tribes and stakeholders is “do we want to roll up our sleeves and come together to find a solution to save our salmon, protect our stakeholders and reset our energy system for the next 50 plus years on our terms?” Passing on this opportunity will mean we are letting the chips fall where they may for some judge, future administration or future congress to decide our fate on their terms. They will be picking winners and losers, not creating solutions.

We can create our own solution on our own terms.”

Will you raise your hand and join us in being part of the solution?