Klamath River |  Photo by Daniel Nylen

The Klamath River was once the third largest salmon-producing river on the West Coast, and a vital resource for Native American tribes. But for 100 years, four dams – Copco 1, Copco 2, Iron Gate and JC Boyle – have blocked salmon from 420 miles of habitat and spawning areas. The dams create toxic outbreaks of cyanobacteria, which can be deadly for people, pets, fish and wildlife.

American Rivers has worked for decades with the Karuk, Yurok, Klamath and Hoopa Valley Tribes, fishermen, Klamath river users, and conservation organizations to remove these dams and restore the Klamath River. And we’ve made tremendous progress – but now we need to make sure dam owner PacifiCorp and their parent company Berkshire Hathaway do the right thing.

Please write to Pacificorp and Berkshire Hathaway today. Tell them why river restoration matters to you. Tell them it’s time to take these dams down, and restore a healthy, free-flowing Klamath River.

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