Tell Congress: Invest In America's Rivers!

Our Rivers, Our Future | Poster by Gavin Snyder

Our nation is in a state of disruption and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families and communities and upset many aspects of society. In addition to the staggering number of lives lost since the pandemic began, over 30 million people have lost their jobs and tens of thousands of businesses have shut their doors to prevent the spread of the disease. In response to the severe economic downturn, Congress is considering investments to jumpstart the economy and bring millions of unemployed Americans back to work.


This is a historic opportunity for the transformational change we need for clean water and rivers nationwide.


That’s because significant federal investment in water infrastructure and healthy rivers will not only create jobs and economic benefits, it will strengthen our communities, improve public health and safety, address longstanding injustices, and improve our environment.


Tell Congressional leadership that investing equitably in clean water and healthy rivers is a top priority. Sign the letter below supporting game-changing investment in water infrastructure and river restoration – and ensuring it goes to communities most in need.


Let’s seize this moment: speak up for investment in clean water and healthy rivers to bring back our economy and move our nation forward.

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