No new dams in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, one of the world’s most iconic wild landscapes, is yet again under threat. Hydropower developers are targeting the Little Colorado River, a major tributary to the Colorado River, roughly three miles upstream from the confluence in the Grand Canyon. Their proposal to build two new dams on the Lower Colorado threatens generations of cultural significance, multiple species of endangered fish, and spectacular natural wonder.

If you care about healthy rivers and one of our nation’s most treasured national parks, now is your chance to speak up.

The threat:
A pair of “pumped storage” proposals could include a new 140-foot high by 1000-foot long concrete arch dam on the Lower Colorado River and a new 240-foot high by 500-foot long dam on the mesa, connected by an 8000-foot long by 32-foot diameter penstock, a new 2-mile long vehicle access tunnel, a massive concrete tailrace, new powerhouse and associated infrastructure such as transmission lines. The resulting reservoir could flood revered sacred sites and turn one of the wildest and most sacred parts of the Grand Canyon into an industrial zone.

Sign our petition opposing this project and we’ll keep you updated on our progress to save this special place.

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