Help Stop Uncontrolled Development

Big Darby Creek | Photo by Mac Albin

Central Ohio developers are making an all-out push to open up the Big Darby watershed to new development, threatening to destroy the unique and fragile Big Darby Creek ecosystem. Up until now, the watershed has been protected by the Big Darby Accord, a multi-jurisdictional agreement to limit development in Western Franklin County, the area closest to metropolitan Columbus. Recently, developers have started avoiding the Accord area and proposing massive development projects in Madison and Union County to the west. To date, more than 11,000 residential units have been proposed and an industrial park is slated to expand almost to the banks of the creek, with more projects likely in the future.

Big Darby has long been recognized as one of the most significant aquatic hotspots in the Midwest, home to approximately 100 fish species and 44 freshwater mussels, including 31 species on state rare and endangered lists, and four federally endangered species. Uncontrolled development could easily collapse the ecological balance of the Darby system if extraordinary protections aren't instituted. So far state and local authorities have not agreed to take the necessary measures to limit development to the scientifically-determined tolerance limit of the creek.

Please join us in asking the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and Columbus Mayor Ginther to protect Big Darby Creek from uncontrolled development.



Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
City of Columbus