Tell Stanford: Remove Deadbeat Dam and Restore One of America’s Most Endangered Rivers

Searsville Dam

Searsville Dam on San Francisquito Creek | Matt Stoecker

Stanford University is on the verge of deciding what to do with their 120 year old Searsville Dam, which blocks endangered steelhead trout from reaching miles of good spawning habitat upstream of the dam and harms San Francisquito Creek downstream. Stanford has used the dam to supply water to its golf course and landscaping, but other water supply options exist and the reservoir is nearly filled with sediment – so it serves no needed function.

American Rivers, with our partner Beyond Searsville Dam, named San Francisquito Creek one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers in 2014. Now, Stanford, through its Searsville Alternatives Study process, is poised to make a recommendation to the university President and Provost any day now.

Removing Searsville could fully restore steelhead and creek habitat and improve flood safety for communities downstream, and we have urged Stanford to choose that option. But it is not clear that Stanford will do the right thing for fish and the creek.

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Stanford needs to hear that you expect Stanford live up to its own sustainability principles and stop harming endangered steelhead and their habitat and fully comply with environmental laws. They're expected to make a decision in the next week. So please send a personal email to them today.

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