Is The Ski Industry Green? Not If It Supports Drying Up Rivers.

ski bill disaster

The ski industry's “Water Rights Protection Act,” seems simple on the surface. But the bill (with support from Big Ag, western cattle groups and industry lobbyists) would eliminate a number of key tools that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and other federal agencies use to protect endangered fish and wildlife.

This bill would put the interests of dam operators, resort developers, western irrigators, hydrofrackers or any other group with water rights on public land over your right to enjoy the rivers in your backyard. Plus it would roll over major environmental bills, such as the Endangered Species Act, putting wildlife such as salmon at risk.

The House is expected to vote on this bill this week What happens on public lands affects the availability and quality of water across the U.S. for communities, ecosystems, and economically important recreation such as fishing, rafting, and kayaking.

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