Don't Be Snowed. Aspen SkiCo Is At it again

ski bill disaster

The ski industry has launched an advertising push, talking about how they are lobbying Congress to act on climate change. But while they are posing for pictures and claiming to fight climate change, they are actively lobbying to push legislation to turn over your rivers to big corporations and partnering with Big Ag and the oil & gas industry to do it.

This bill puts the interests of dam operators, resort developers, western irrigators, hydrofrackers over your right to enjoy the rivers in your backyard. Plus it would roll over major environmental bills, such as the Endangered Species Act, putting wildlife such as salmon at risk.

Tell your Senators that these are YOUR rivers, too. What happens on public lands affects the availability and quality of water for communities, ecosystems, and economically important recreation such as fishing, rafting, and kayaking.

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