A Strong Environment Includes Healthy Rivers

Moffat water diversion

This shouldn't be the future for Colorado's rivers

Last year, Governor Hickenlooper ordered the State Water Conservation Board to write a comprehensive plan to help ensure that there is adequate water to support Colorado’s future needs. One of the values that he wants incorporated into the plan is, “a strong environment that includes healthy watersheds, rivers and streams, and wildlife.” In spite of this, some people are suggesting new ways to take even more water from the Colorado River’s major headwater tributaries.

Up to 60 percent of these headwater streams are now being siphoned off by Front Range water users, and yet there are proposals under consideration today that could increase the amount diverted up to 80 percent. Taking more water from these headwater streams would only further degrade an already seriously damaged system. This would also put Colorado’s $9.5 billion outdoor recreation economy at risk.

The Colorado Water Plan must incorporate provisions for a “strong environment” with healthy rivers and streams that have the water they really need.

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Ask Governor Hickenlooper to insist that measures are included in the Colorado Water Plan that provide essential water for healthy rivers, not just the minimum amount required by law.

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