Keep the San Joaquin River Flowing

California’s San Joaquin River supports endangered salmon, agriculture, and provides drinking water for millions. But it is so overtapped that more than 50 miles of the river run dry. A recent agreement aims to put water back in the river to restore its health -- but the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation [H.R. 3964] that would override the settlement and prevent restoration.

The bill is short-sighted and divisive, overriding state laws and protections. The bill pits water users against each other and does nothing to solve the basin’s problems.

Take Action

H.R. 3964 passed the House of Representatives and awaits Senate action. We need the Senate to take a stand to support healthy flows in the San Joaquin River and ensure a sustainable future water supply for the benefit of farmers, salmon, and all of the river’s communities. Tell your Senator to oppose this harmful bill.

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