Tell the Corps & EPA: the New Madrid Levee Would be a Disaster for the Mississippi

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to build a quarter-mile long, 60 foot high levee on the Mississippi River in southeast Missouri. This levee would sever the river from more than 75,000 acres of floodplain and eliminate nearly 50,000 acres of critical wetlands. These floodplain lands are not only habitat for millions of animals and migrating birds, but an important spawning and nursery habitat for over 100 species of fish that depend on the Mississippi River.

The impacts to fish and wildlife would be devastating, and the project would actually expose riverside towns to more flooding and put communities at risk by making it harder to provide flood relief during extreme floods. This project is bad for wildlife, people, and taxpayers, and should be vetoed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to veto this ill-conceived plan.

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