Tell the California Water Board: A Healthy San Joaquin River Supports a Healthy Economy

San Joaquin River

San Joaquin River is so overtapped that it is dry for a 50-mile stretch | Alison Jones

California’s San Joaquin River supports endangered salmon, agriculture, and provides drinking water for millions. However, the river is so overtapped that it runs completely dry in stretches. This threatens the quality of communities' water, endangers fish and wildlife, and creates uncertainty for farmers, leaving communities vulnerable in the face of more frequent and severe droughts.

But the California State Water Resources Control Board is in a position to change this and is currently developing a plan for California's future. Urge the Board to get serious about long-term solutions for the San Joaquin that supports all users and a healthy river.

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Tell the California Water Resources Control Board to act this year to increase flows in the San Joaquin to ensure the watershed is healthy enough to support all users, including fish and wildlife, agriculture, and the communities that depend on it.

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