Stop Polluters and Their Allies in Congress From Rolling Back the Clean Water Rule

Flint River | Joe Cook

Cherry Run, Bald Eagle State Forest, Clinton County | Nicolas Tonelli
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Petition to Congress

The U.S. House of Representatives is once again attacking the Clean Water Rule. This week the House is voting on S.J. Res 22, a resolution under the Congressional Review Act to block the Clean Water Rule. S.J. Res 22 does far more than just reject the Clean Water Rule; it prevents the EPA and Army Corps from ever developing a new rule that is “substantially similar.” Therefore if the resolution is enacted, EPA and the Army Corps will be prohibited from taking the necessary steps to protect our drinking water from polluters.

The existing Clean Water Rule is based on broad public support and sound scientific evidence. Preventing the rule from going into effect is rejecting public opinion and sound science.

Tell Congress to keep our water clean and vote NO on S.J. Res. 22.

The Clean Water Rule restores important safeguards to small streams and wetlands that are needed in order to protect our drinking water supplies, economy and environment. It also provides clarity for all stakeholders as to which waters are and which waters are not protected by the Clean Water Act. Unfortunately, polluters and their allies in Congress have become desperate to avoid the possibility of having to get a permit before filling in or polluting our nation’s waters and are now trying to use the Congressional Review Act to block the Clean Water Rule and any iteration of it in the future.

Take Action

Sign the petition to Congress telling them that you care about clean water and that you want them to show that they care as well by voting no on S.J. Res. 22.