yampa river

The Yampa River is one of the last wild rivers in the entire Colorado River Basin. From classic canyon scenery to whitewater rapids, the river supports vibrant recreation economies, fish, and wildlife, and connects us to our shared natural and cultural heritage.


Paddle Down the Yampa River

Take a ride down the wild Yampa and explore the beauty this unique river has to offer. Use your mouse to click and hold, then pan and explore the full panorama.

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Wild and Free

The Yampa River Street View project celebrates the river and highlights the many values that a wild and free-flowing Yampa River has for local communities and the region as a whole. The imagery showcases the stunning river scenery through Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah. Drought and increased demand are putting further strain on Colorado Basin water supplies, and with proposals for new dams and trans-basin diversions, the future of the Yampa hangs in the balance. American Rivers is calling on Gov. Hickenlooper to stand up for a wild and protected Yampa River as part of Colorado’s final Water Plan.


The Yampa Street View project

Supported by the outfitter O.A.R.S. and in partnership with Friends of the Yampa, American Rivers staff used the Street View Trekker camera on a four-day float on the Yampa through Dinosaur National Monument in June 2014 to capture imagery of 72 miles of the river, from Deerlodge Park near Craig, Colorado, through the confluence with the Green River, to Split Mountain near Vernal, Utah. Trip members also wore the Street View Trekker to capture popular side hikes, including Bull Canyon Trail with its dramatic overlook. Explore these places »


Support a Wild Yampa

This project will preserve the Yampa River in Street View as it looks right now, but you can take action to help ensure the Yampa is protected for the long term. Send a message to Governor Hickenlooper asking him to protect the Yampa River in Colorado's final Water Plan.


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