Tell the EPA: Don’t Delay to Protect Clean Water!

A recent report released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that approximately 55% of our rivers and streams are in poor biological condition. Polluted runoff is identified as one of the major sources of pollution to our rivers and streams.

Ask your representatives to tell the EPA not to delay in issuing a rule to update its stormwater programs to better protect clean water.

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Ask @EPAwater to #stoprunoff & update federal standards
Stand for #cleanwater. Ask @EPAwater to stop delaying & update federal standards to #stoprunoff
Our communities need #cleanwater. Ask @EPAwater stop delaying & update standards to #stoprunoff
I support #cleanwater to fish, swim and drink. Ask @EPAwater to update standards & #stoprunoff

Chesapeake Bay

Help #stoprunoff to #ChesapeakeBay. Ask @EPAwater to update standards & protect #cleanwater
Ask @EPAwater to #stoprunoff & protect #ChesapeakeBay from pollution

Long Island Sound/New York City/Syracuse

Ask @EPAwater to update standards to #stoprunoff from polluting New York's streams & rivers
Hate bacteria warnings? Ask @EPAwater to update standards to #stoprunoff & protect #LongIslandSound

Puget Sound

Ask @EPAwater to update standards & #stoprunoff from polluting WA's streams, lakes and rivers.
Protect #PugetSound! Ask @EPAwater to update standards and #stoprunoff

Rhode Island

Protect #NarragansettBay! Ask @EPAwater to update standards to #stoprunoff pollution.
Ask @EPAwater to update standards to #stoprunoff and keep pollution out of our RI's waters.

Great Lakes

I support clean beaches & #cleanwater in #GreatLakes. @EPAwater: update standards to #stoprunoff!
Ask @EPAwater to help reduce flooding in #Chicago: Update standards to #stoprunoff

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